Kajmak, irreplaceably good


  • 100 g butter
  • 100 g hard feta cheese
  • 100 gr sour cream


In a bowl whisk the butter with a fork until it’s fluffy. Add crumbled feta cheese and sour cream. Mix it all well. Note: You don’t need to add salt to the kajmak as the feta cheese is salty on its own. If you like a more mild kajmak, add some cream. This 5 minute kajmak makes a wonderful spread and goes great with ćavaps.



That is not real Kajmak, just a lazy way to make a concotion of some cream.
Real Kajmak is made by colecting the film from boild milk and then salting it. It take a long time to collect enough to use, but it is the best! When spread on hot bread it is the best food you can eat.

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