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Check Up

So the wife went to the doctor today and came back all excited exclaiming to me,
” Honey the doctor said I’m in great shape. He said I have the breasts of a 25 year old,
the legs of a 20 year old and the face of a 28 year old”.

Not being able to resist I said,
“So what did he say about that 50 year old ass you got?” and she replied,”
Oh honey, I’m sorry he didn’t say a thing about you.”

Kumara (New Zealand delicacy)

Known in some countries as ‘sweet potato,’ this tuber vegetable is sweet tasting as its name suggests.

The original kumara has a purple flesh, and is delicious when roasted. If you visit NZ, be sure to include it in your menu.


my winter garden

My tomato and paprika plants,some are seeded middle February and some a bit later.

Siberian and sub-arctic tomatoes are ready for my garden…

Jersey Devil,Parma and Saint-Pierre (tomato) will stay inside yet:

My paprika,F1,red Marconi,California wonder and K-kapia are progressing but they aren’t ready yet for the outdoors:

cherry tree


This little cherry tree has ben planted by me last autumn.Its a huge satisfaction to see it grow now…